Buyer Step by Step November 20, 2018

Step 9: Schedule a Home Inspection

Once we’ve negotiated the Purchase Agreement, you will need to schedule your home inspection as soon as possible. Ideally, the inspection should occur within the next 2-3 days; however, during the busy summer months, inspectors may be booked out up to a week or more in advance.

Plan to attend the inspection (see details below) which takes approximately 2 hours for a condo and 3 hours for a single-family home. Inspectors usually only work Mon – Fri and do not work evenings or weekends so you will probably need to arrange to be off work for the inspection.

Your inspector will schedule access to the home through Centralized Showing Services which obtains approval from the sellers.

It often takes the inspector an additional 1-2 days to write the report after the inspection. Once the report is written we still need some time to review it and ask the seller for any credits or repairs before the inspection period ends, which is expressly spelled out in our purchase agreement, but usually within 10 days.

You may choose any inspector, but here are a few companies we trust.

·        Heartland Housemaster

Phone (317) 209-9100

·        Pillar to Post Home Inspectors

Phone (317) 550-4044

·        Cornerstone Home Inspections

Phone (317) 815-9497