This is the day. Even when we will just sit around a table signing, it can be exhausting. You will go through a few steps this day and you will be a homeowner! The contract will specify exactly how soon you get to move in, and on that day you will get the keys and move in! I will get my REALTOR ® hat off, and put my friend one.

Step 23: Attend the walkthrough

Step 24: Attend closing

Step 25:  Wrapping things up





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Get Ready

If you are financing your new home and we survived the inspection period, this is the time to pay close attention to your finances. Never miss a payment, make sure you are following the instructions of your lender, and also make the phone calls needed to make your home ready for you when you move in.

Step 17: Hire movers and start packing

Step 18: Hook up your utilities

Step 19: Get your down payment ready

Step 20: Secure your new home

Step 21: What is clear to close

Step 22: Wire transfer your down payment





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Inspection Period

If our offer included an inspection, this is a big day. Not only you will have an expert looking over the home to make sure there are no unseen defects that we might negotiate to have fixed. This is the day that you will spend the most time in your future home before closing. You can start measuring things and figuring out what goes where!

Step 9:  Schedule the home inspection

Step 10: Don’t spend extra money

Step 11: Schedule the closing on your calendar

Step 12: Set up homeowner’s insurance

Step 13: What is the inspection period?

Step 14: Attend the home inspection

Step 15: Read the inspection report

Step 16: The appraisal





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Make An Offer

For most of the buyers, this is where the nerves show up. You found a home that you want. The listing price is only a starting point and I will guide you to make the most attractive offer, whether it’s below, at or above listing price. Once the offer is submitted you get to wait, and it will seem interminable. I will be with you through what comes next.

Step 7: Make an offer on a home you love

Step 8: You have an accepted contract. Now what?






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Look For It


By this time we’ve talked about what you really want and need in a home. Knowing this, your price range, and my knowledge of the area you want to live, I will send you a list of matching homes in the market and start our hunt!

Step 4: Find the home of your dreams: the 80/10/10 rule

Step 5: Time for showings

Step 6: Do you want a home warranty?







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Thinking on Buying

You are doing the numbers, thought about where you are in life and you think it is time to buy a home. Knowing what to expect can reduce some of the anxiety and help you find your way to your new home.

Before you start looking for the perfect place, you need to be prepared to be the one that snags it from other buyers!

Step 1: Find a Realtor you feel will be your advocate

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved for a mortgage

Step 3: Download our home buyer’s checklist





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Once we survive the Inspection Period, the appraisal came as he wanted and all of the repairs, if any, are completed, be aware that if your buyer is financing the purchase, during the underwriting process it’s possible that your buyer’s financing could fall through. It could be caused by new debt, missed payments or an unforeseen change in employment that makes the bank feel like there’s too much risk in financing the home. It doesn’t happen often, but I have seen it. The silver lining if this happens, is that we have an inspection and repairs are done, which will be an added value to another buyer if your house goes back to the market.

Step 23:  Mortgage Approval and Clear to Close

Step 24:  The Final Walkthrough

Step 25:  Closing Day!

Step 26:  Review Me!





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Get Ready

No matter where you’re moving, moving is time-consuming and could get expensive. If you’re buying and selling simultaneously, you might consider temporary housing, so you don’t have to worry about timing your sale and purchase perfectly. Along with moving, you will have to make a lot of phone calls to all kinds of service providers! We will help you by taking it all off of your hands through our C21 Utility Connect, or by reminders from our administrative team.

Step 18:  Schedule the Closing Date On Your Calendar

Step 19:  Hire Movers and Start Packing!

Step 20:  Schedule to Disconnect Your Utilities

Step 21:  Cancel or Transfer Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Step 22:  Hire a Cleaning Person





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Inspection Period

This is the stage of our journey that I will be closest to you. At this time, knowing all of the deadlines agreed on the contract, and keeping them in mind is crucial. The home inspection a buyer does on your home can bring potential issues that can come up between the time you accept an offer and closing day. If our buyer is financing the home, the appraisal could also become a hurdle. Here is where my value as a negotiator will come to play.

Step 16:  The Home Inspection

Step 17:  The Appraisal







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Accept An Offer

Getting that great offer is a great hurdle to the process of selling your house, but once your house goes under contract, we are still jumping through the hoops! But don’t worry, I will go through each one of them along with you:

Step 13: We’ve Received an Offer

Step 14: We have an accepted offer!

Step 15: We Couldn’t Come to An Agreement.  (this might not be your case!)







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