Step 11: Schedule the Closing on Your Calendar

calendar closing

Now that you have an executed contract, it’s crucial to mark the closing date on your calendar and make arrangements to take the day off from work.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind about your closing date as outlined in your executed contract:

  • Be prepared for the possibility of the closing date changing due to various factors such as a family emergency, additional documentation requests, last-minute home defects, and more.


  • Generally, efforts are made to conduct the closing at a location near the property being purchased.


  • While it is highly recommended to attend the closing in person, if you are unable to do so, please inform me, your mortgage lender, and the title company. The title company will assist in creating a Power of Attorney (POA) that allows me or another individual to represent you. This process should be completed at least two weeks before the closing date to allow time for review, approval, signing, notarization, and returning the original document to the title company at least one day ahead of closing. Additionally, include a letter explaining the reason for your absence.