Step 12: Set Up Homeowner’s Insurance


One of the essential requirements from the mortgage underwriter is to have homeowners insurance in place and to provide a quote to them promptly. It is vital to begin this process early. Safeguarding your significant investment in your home with proper coverage is paramount. The thorough research conducted by insurers provides invaluable protection for your property.

Our top advice is to compare rates from different providers, as they can vary considerably. Begin by seeking a quote from the company that insures your car or current home for potential discounts. We also suggest contacting our recommended providers for quotes:

Insurance Research

Gathering quotes will bring attention to any property claims or flood zones that could impact your quote. Ensure all relevant information is disclosed, and address any new findings before closing. Once you select an insurer, share your policy with me and your lender.

Ensure your homeowner’s insurance is active the day BEFORE closing on your new home. Having coverage in place beforehand safeguards you in unforeseen situations. Obtain documentation from your insurance provider to submit to your lender, as proof of insurance is necessary for loan approval.