Step 13: We’ve Received an Offer!

recieved an offer

Fabulous! We've received our first offer and will carefully review it together. Pay attention to these key points in the offer:

Offer price: Consider the price offered and how it aligns with what you had in mind.

Closing timeframe: Typically, closing in Indianapolis occurs 30-45 days post-contract acceptance. Different scenarios may influence this timeline.

Earnest money: See the amount the buyer is putting down and what it signifies.

Down payment: Review the buyer's down payment in accordance with their loan program.

Closing cost credits: Consider the impact of any requested closing cost credits on your net proceeds.

Home warranty: Evaluate the potential cost of providing a home warranty.

Personal property: Decide on including personal items in the contract.

Contingencies: Assess any buyer-placed contingencies or additional contract elements.

Following our discussion on these points, you can choose to accept, counter, or reject the offer. Remember, negotiation timelines can vary. Thank you for your patience.