Step 2: You’ve Hired a Realtor. Now What?

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You’ve picked ME as your Realtor (Yay!).

Now we need to get your home ready for the market. This involves:

Collecting Paperwork

Selling your home involves a lot of paperwork. To make the most of our time together, provide the following:

  • A full copy of your latest HOA covenants, restrictions, rules and regulations
  • Any previous surveys you might have
  • Any previous title work you might have from your purchase
  • Sellers Disclosure
  • Utility Sheet
  • Updates Sheet

I know… seems like A LOT, right? But don’t worry, you picked the right agent when you hired me.

Let us know what date you want your home to go live in the BLC

We need about one week’s notice before we can put your property on the market. Before it goes on the market, you will need to declutter your home, fix any items that need to be fixed, and either clean the house (and yard) or have it professionally cleaned.

If your home isn’t going on the market within 48 hours, we need you to fill out the mandatory BLC Exempt Disclosure, saying it’s acceptable for your home to go into the BLC at a later date.

Change the privacy settings on your social media pages so only friends can see your posts

We don’t want potential buyers Googling you to learn that you just got a big promotion at work, are moving across the country, or are buying a new house because you’re having a baby. All these pieces of information can hurt my negotiation position; therefore, it’s imperative that you change your security settings to make your posts and photos unavailable to strangers. And while you can mention that you’re selling your home, don’t say why.