Step 20: Security for Your New Home

home security

Consider making your new home safer by taking some security measures:

Rekey all of your door locks. It's better to be safe than sorry by having a locksmith rekey the existing locks on all exterior doors. Our recommended locksmith is Lock Rekeying & Installation Services . They can rekey the locks so that the same key will open all exterior doors, and we recommend having at least one deadbolt on each. We highly suggest getting this done on the day you move in.

Install an alarm system. Intelligent Living Solutions is our top pick for alarm companies because it is reliable and reasonably priced. We trust their service, and we have over 10 years of experience with them in our home. Installation costs range from $100 to $500, depending on your chosen features, such as motion sensors, door and window sensors, or glass break alarms. A security system is strongly recommended for single-family houses or condos located below ground, on the first floor, or with an exterior staircase.

Appointments can take a week or more to secure, so we advise scheduling early for the day of or after closing. Remember, burglaries are most likely to occur during the first week in your new home. Thieves target new residents, assuming they haven't set up their security systems yet.

Consider adding a peephole to your front door if not already equipped for security. This simple enhancement can be installed by a handyman. If you have a sliding glass door, enhance it with a thick wooden dowel in the door track when not in use. Additionally, we recommend adding a jimmy plate and an auxiliary lock to any patio doors.