Step 4: Finding the Home of Your Dreams


The 80.10.10 Rule

At this point, you’re probably excited and full of optimism. You’ve gotten pre-approved and have (hopefully) started to complete the Buyer’s Questionnaire. Now comes the most important step: finding the right home.

The 80/10/10 Rule is crucial in finding your dream home. By receiving automatic search results via the BLC, you'll save time and stay ahead in a fast-moving market like Indiana. With daily property updates matching your criteria, including price drops, you'll have an advantage to view homes as soon as they hit the market.

The rule dictates evaluating if a home meets 80% of your needs, with the flexibility to adjust 10% and accept the final 10%. By listing your top needs and wants, such as bedrooms, school district, AC, and must-have features, you ensure every property aligns with your priorities.  For example:

    • Does this home meet 80% of my needs?
    • Can I change 10% to make the home meet 90% of my needs?
    • Can I live with the remaining 10% I cannot change?

When reviewing the emailed listings, mark potential homes accordingly:

  • 'Mark as Favorite'
  • 'Mark as Not Interested'
  • or 'Maybe'.

You can also send me a comment from here! Select your top choices, and if possible, drive by the properties or use Google Maps to check the surroundings. Communicate your availability so showings can be arranged promptly.

Keep an eye on the daily BLC email and act swiftly during the competitive spring and summer seasons. Trust in the process, as all potential listings will be curated for you. Prepare for showings by focusing on enjoying the experience.

With a tailored search and proactive networking, your ideal home is within reach. Let the BLC feed guide you, eliminating the need to search on external platforms. Stay engaged, refine your search criteria, and get ready to explore your future abode!