Step 9: My House is Live in the BLC

Congratulations, your hause is now on the market, and all the hard work you’ve put in thus far should start paying off soon! So far you’ve done a lot of prep work to get your home market ready. Now it’s my job to bring you an offer.

Now What?

Generally, it takes 36 – 72 hours before we get our first showing request. Centralized Showings Services will text you as soon as they are requested. As much as we’d like to ask for 24 hours notices, we will miss a lot of showing opportunity if we do. It’s not unusual to get showing requests in the AM for that afternoon or evening so when you leave each day, plan to have showings even if we don’t have one on the calendar.

If that is an issue due to pets at home, kids, etc. let me know, and I can require 24 hr notice.
Once a showing request comes in, you can approve it, deny it, or ask for a different day/time.

Remember, the quicker we can get buyers into your place and the fewer showings we have to deny or reschedule, the faster we can get your place under contract. The buyer shouldn’t have to work around our schedule, which is why we always put a lockbox on every property we sell. We want to get buyers in as quickly as possible and, to do that, we need to work around their schedule.

How long are they?

Typically showings last 15-30 minutes. You’ll need to be out 15 minutes before the appointed showing time in case the buyer and his/her Realtor are early. Plan to be out of the home for 45 minutes for each showing request. For example, if a showing is scheduled for 5pm, please be out by 4:45pm and don’t come home until after 5:30pm.

As soon as a showing is finished, the buyer’s Realtor will immediately get an email asking for feedback and if their client is interested in the home. Unfortunately, only about 30% of Realtors take the time to give feedback. If we receive feedback, we will immediately forward it on to you via email to review. Don’t be surprised when we don’t get feedback, and don’t be offended by feedback. We’re looking for that ONE buyer who loves your home. For most, your house won’t be the right fit for various reasons, but we only need to find one.

Lastly, once your home is live in the BLC, I will send you a copy of the listing sheet to review. Please review it carefully and let me know of any errors. Also, if you didn’t like how I phrased something, or feel I left out an important point, let me know. Remember, we’re a team, and I want to get your house sold just as much as you do!


Have any questions?

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