Step 9: Schedule a Home Inspection


Once the Purchase Agreement is settled, it's crucial to promptly arrange your home inspection. It is recommended to schedule the inspection within the next 2-3 days. However, due to high demand in the summer, inspectors may be booked up to a week or more in advance.

Expect the inspection to last about 2 hours for a condo and 3 hours for a single-family home. Inspectors operate from Monday to Friday, and they may not have evening or weekend availability, so plan accordingly.

The inspector will coordinate access through Broker Bay, acquiring approval from the sellers.

Following the inspection, the inspector typically requires 1-2 days to finalize the report. We then review the report, requesting any necessary credits or repairs from the seller before the inspection period closes, typically within 10 days as per our purchase agreement.

While you have the freedom to choose any inspector, here are some recommended options: