Seller Step by Step November 22, 2018

Step 25: Closing Day!

The closing day is here!


Our title company will make sure everything goes smoothly and review the Closing Statement in more detail showing the exact breakdown of the closing cost charges.  The title agent will arrange for the balance of your loan to be paid off with the proceeds from closing.  If you are receiving additional money back from closing once your loan has been paid off in full, the title company will either transfer it electronically to your account of choice or provide a check at closing.

There will be a lull in the closing process when the title agent sends signed documents to the buyer’s lender.  This is a great time to exchange keys and answer buyer questions.

And that’s it! Congratulations on a successful sale.

Thank you for trusting us to sell your home.

A few important reminders for closing:

  • Bring your photo ID with you (ideally a driver’s license or passport). Closing takes approximately an hour but can be longer.

The following people are usually present:

  • The title officer, who runs the show.  He/she reviews all the documents and makes sure everything is appropriately signed, sends all of the signed documents to the underwriter for one last review, and issues any refund checks at the end of closing.

  • I will be available should any problems arise. If I’ve done my job, the closing is anti-climactic.

  • You, the seller. Be prepared to sign all the required documents.

  • The buyer’s agent.  The buyer’s Realtor will be available should any problems arise.

  • The buyers, who will also be signing all the required documents, and asking us any last-minute questions they may have.