Step 8: Pre-Market Your Home

While the professional photos are being edited, we’ll market your home to other Realtors before it’s even on the market (what’s called a pocket listing) by executing the below strategies. We’ll discuss which tactics make the most sense for your property and situation:

  • Advertise your home via Century 21 email and Facebook groups for pocket listings. This is a great way to expose your home to top Realtors before it goes on the market
  • Send just listed postcards to nearby homes in the community (who best to help us market your home than a neighbor wanting a friend, family member, or co-worker to live close by?)
  • Conduct a broker open (optional)
  • Schedule and advertise our first open house to take place on Sunday after your listing goes live in the BLC
  • Create and print professional brochures
  • Install a For Sale sign to in front of your building or in your yard
  • Hang professional flyers outside your property which passersby can take for additional information
  • Put a lockbox on your property for showings
  • Generally, the above takes 48-72 hours. After that, as soon as the photos are back from the photographer, your property will go live in the BLC!

Lastly, before your home is live in the BLC, I will send you a copy of the listing sheet to review. Please review it carefully and let me know of any errors. If you didn’t like how I phrased something, or feel we left out an important point, let me know as well.

Remember, we’re a team, and we want to get your house sold just as much as you do!





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Posted on November 27, 2018 at 4:47 pm
Lee Ann Balta | Category: Seller Step by Step

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