Uncategorized March 25, 2020

Transaction Managament

This is the stage of our journey that I will be closest to you. At this time, knowing all of the deadlines agreed on the contract, and keeping them in mind is crucial. Once we’ve secured a qualified buyer, I promise to smoothly navigate you through the transaction. Count on me to manage all the details of your real estate transaction on a daily basis. I will also stay on top of all other matters to be sure your real estate transaction closes in a timely fashion and with as little stress as possible.

Step 16:  The Home Inspection

Step 17:  The Appraisal

Step 18:  Schedule the Closing Date On Your Calendar

Step 19:  Hire Movers and Start Packing!

Step 20:  Schedule to Disconnect Your Utilities

Step 21:  Cancel or Transfer Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Step 22:  Hire a Cleaning Person






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